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Erweiterung CATAN Händler und Barbaren

Traders & Barbarians

While expansion is the hallmark of Seafarers and Cities & Knights stands out because of its intricacy, Traders & Barbarians is characterized by variation.

CATAN Expansion Traders & Barbarians Box
60-120 min.

This expansion is not a standalone game. Requires the CATAN base game to play.

About the Game

Well-tried variants such as CATAN Event Cards, Harbormaster, and Catan for Two offer alternatives for customizing the game to your own needs. In addition, the 2-player variant allows you to play the Base Game as well as all scenarios of this expansion against only one opponent.

Over the course of a campaign with five scenarios, the story is told of how things develop on Catan after the first settlements and cities are built.

As the Fishermen of Catan we experience how fishing not only adds to the menu but also opens up completely new tactical possibilities.

In the second scenario, The Rivers of Catan, the rivers prove to be true lifelines. If you build roads and settlements adjacent to the rivers, you can easily make a fortune. If you arrive too late, you may well become a poor settler and have a hard time trying to get rid of this disadvantage.

CATAN Traders & Barabarians Game Components

In the third scenario, nomads have settled in the oasis. Since they are lacking wool and grain, they send out caravans to barter for the coveted resources. Of course, everybody wants to profit from the Caravans, but sending the caravans to one’s own settlements isn't all that easy.

Catan’s wealth doesn’t go unnoticed. And thus it doesn’t take long until the Barbarian Attack descends upon Catan’s coasts. Now it is imperative that the Catanians close ranks and train knights. The knights rally for battle - not altogether selflessly, because each captured barbarian is worth half a victory point.

The last scenario is titled Traders & Barbarians. The barbarians have been driven off, and now it’s time to repair the damage. Soon, Catan’s roads and paths are bustling with baggage trains - marble and glass must be delivered to the castle, sand to the glassworks, and tools to the marble quarry. Successfully carrying out a delivery is awarded with a victory point and gold. Unfortunately, some scattered barbarians interrupt the smooth flow of the transports…

Possible Combinations of Traders and Barbarians with Other Expansions

Some combinations are exciting and make sense, others are not recommendable. Here we are proposing rules for various combinations to all those of you who enjoy trying out new things.

However, our suggestions are not meant to be rigid sets of rules - in fact, you are invited to continuously improve and optimize them through the experience you have gathered while playing.

Combinations with Explorers and Pirates

Possible combinations with Explorers & Pirates can be found here.

CATAN - Explorers & Pirates Box

Downloads to the Game

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CATAN Traders & Barbarians Extension 5-6 player


You can settle Catan and enjoy the variants and scenarios with traders, barbarians, and much more with up to 6 players.

Please note: You will need the CATAN base game, the Traders & Barbarians expansion, and both the CATAN base game 5-6 player extension and this Traders & Barbarians 5-6 player extension – a total of four game boxes.


You can combine the Traders & Barbarians with these expansions and scenarios. 

CATAN Seafarers


CATAN - Explorers & Pirates

Explorers & Pirates

CATAN - Cities & Knights

Cities & Knights


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CATAN Hexatower Würfelturm
CATAN Hexatower Würfelturm red
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More Questions?

We have collected important questions and answers about the Traders & Barbarians expansion. Just follow the link.

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