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CATAN is not manufactured and sold by one company alone but by a whole network of independent companies around the world that share a passion for good games.

If you have a problem with a CATAN product and would like to ask a question, please contact our partner who sells the particular product. The contact information appears on the packaging and, for digital games, in the product description in the respective store.

On this page we would like to give you further assistance in finding the right contact person.


CATAN Analog Games

We are all human and humans make mistakes, for example when packing the game components. Machines that make game components also have a bad day every now and then.

Long story short: Although we take the greatest possible care at all times, in rare cases it can happen that game components are missing or of poor quality.

If you think that this applies to your new game, please follow the link below to contact our publishing partner for the English-language edition. If you have a non-English edition, please look here:

If you are looking for replacements for lost pieces or your game gets damaged with regular use, you have a few options:

  • sells replacement parts, such as sets of wooden playing pieces and decks of cards.
  • Check your local game stores to see if they sell used games; you could get one and use it for replacement parts.
  • You could also try online options such as the Geekmarket.

If you have lost your rule book, please check out our game rules archive here.

Do you own a non-English version of CATAN?

If you have a non-English language CATAN edition, please contact the manufacturer of your CATAN version.

Please follow the link below and select the respective license partner who produces your language version.

The only exception is the German-language version. For more information, just go to


Digital CATAN Games and Products

If you have any questions or problems regarding digital CATAN adaptations and games, please also contact the developer / publisher directly. Our partners' customer service teams will be happy to help you. Corresponding links can be found below the products.

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