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About the CATAN GmbH

We are part of the entertainment and gaming industry. Today, our primary product is the successful board game CATAN (formerly The Settlers of Catan), which comes with an array of expansions, extensions, editions, and spin-offs. Before founding CATAN GmbH in 2002, CATAN creator Klaus Teuber gained valuable experience as an independent game designer, and to this day, creating game worlds is where his passion lies.

For over two decades, Klaus has built an impressive portfolio of tabletop games and electronic games. CATAN is available in over 40 languages; since 1995. Until now (Q1 2020) over 32 million games were sold worldwide. According to estimates by our licensing partners, approximately 20 million people regularly spend time in the CATAN gaming universe. Overall, ours is an ever-growing family of high-quality entertainment products and programs, all in keeping with a vision devoted to the cultivation of a vast and largely untapped community.

The CATAN GmbH Team

Klaus Teuber

Managing Director / Game Designer

Klaus Teuber was born in 1952 at the foot of Breuberg Castle in the village of Rai-Breitenbach, surrounded by forests and gentle mountains. Did this rural, idyllic Odenwald backdrop later motivate him to develop Catan? Maybe.

Board games did not play a big role in his childhood until he was given the game "Romans vs. Carthaginians" at the age of 11. Soon the ancient armies had left the game board and fought fierce battles on the floor of the children's room. Klaus added new rules to the game and is now convinced that the foundation stone for his later game developments was laid during this time. After graduating from high school and doing military service, he studied chemistry. After completing his intermediate diploma, he joined his father's dental laboratory for family reasons. To compensate for the often very stressful everyday working life, Klaus began developing games in the early 1980s.

In 1988 his debut was “Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister “was named game of the year. Further games and game prizes followed until he hit the jackpot in 1995 with “The Settlers of Catan”. In the following years, Klaus Teuber mainly took care of CATAN and expanded it into a large play family in cooperation with the editors of the Kosmos publishing house and later with the help of his son Guido, who now lives in the United States, and the American publisher Mayfair.

In 2002, together with his wife Claudia and his two sons Guido and Benjamin, he founded the family business Catan GmbH, whose task is the development, marketing and licensing of the games he has developed. 

CATAN GmbH - Klaus Teuber

Benjamin Teuber

Managing Director / Game Designer

Growing up with a game inventor as his father, Benjamin has played board games since he could hold cards and roll dice. After studying psychology and business administration, he initially worked for a number of other companies before moving into the creative and inspiring games industry in 2010. Today he is one of the managing directors of Catan GmbH and, together with Klaus and his brother Guido, manages the company's licenses, especially those of the "Catan" series.

Benjamin has always enjoyed developing games and brought a prototype to the home game table for the first time at the age of 5. Presumably this design wasn't quite fully developed and after persistently demanding feedback, Klaus mumbled something about an extra large portion of chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator. The career was put on hold for now. Many years later, Benjamin found great pleasure in actively participating in the development. During a train ride came Klaus and him the idea of ​​their first game together, which they developed together from scratch. In addition to such non-Catan games, Benjamin has since taken care of the continuation of the CATAN series of games together with Klaus. 

CATAN GmbH - Benjamin Teuber

Guido Teuber

Managing Director

Guido grew up playing board games. In his childhood he preferred to play risk, chess and Niki Lauda's Formula 1 from Wolfgang Kramer. In 1997 Guido moved to the USA, where he now lives with his family in California. In addition to his studies, Guido accompanied the development of the Catan series in the USA from the end of the nineties. The hobby became a profession. Today, alongside his father and brother Benjamin, Guido is one of the managing directors of Catan GmbH. His focus is the administration and marketing of the Catan brand in English-speaking countries. It means a lot to Guido that the Americans were so enthusiastic about the Catan game series. A completely unknown “German game” 20 years ago became a modern classic game in North America, which inspires frequent gamers, families, students, Hollywood celebrities, techies, entrepreneurs, etc. alike. In addition to the further expansion and care of the Catan brand, Guido supports his father and brother in the development of new games. 

CATAN GmbH - Guido Teuber

Arnd Beenen

Chief Operating Officer

Even in his youth, Arnd was crazy about games, which is why it was not surprising that he started working in the games industry after completing his studies.
After he had developed online and strategy games for a small software company and published the card game “Zaubercocktail” at Kosmos Verlag, he got to know Klaus while doing the computer implementation of the game “The Settlers of Catan - The Card Game for Two” and took a little later the position as a producer at the recently founded Catan GmbH. He has been working there for over 18 years, now as COO.

CATAN GmbH - Arnd Beenen

Sonja Heinrichsdorff

Project Assistant 

Games, especially card games, have become an integral part of Sonja's childhood and even today, playing games with friends and family are part of her everyday life. Up until joining CATAN GmbH, gaming remained a beloved hobby  - the professional path initially led through a Swedish startup and a traditional company from Hamburg.

Working in an international environment, creating something sustainable that brings people together and lasts for a long time, inspires Sonja very much. So it is not far fetched that she looks after the international license partners and supports the team in the creation of new license products in the world of CATAN.


Team Catan GmbH Sonja

Claudia Teuber

Assistant Manager

After completing her apprenticeship as an industrial trader and their wedding, she and Klaus moved to a small town in the Westerwald, where Klaus did his military service. In the evenings, the young couple liked to play board games. That was new territory for Claudia, as there was hardly any play in her family. She fondly remembers Clever Head, Male # z or Backgammon. Later, back in Darmstadt, Claudia and Klaus organize game evenings with friends and even on vacation they always had a few games like Risk, Acquire, Niki Lauda's Formula 1 or McMulti in their luggage . From the very beginning until today, Claudia was and is Klaus Teuber's most important playing partner. She was at his side with every new development and supported him with her honest and mostly justified criticism. Claudia does not like games with too complicated rules and long playing times. She says from herself that she is a very ordinary player who enjoys the game and doesn't want to see it as work n times she endured an 8 hour game of "Civilization". She basically likes the game; but she didn't want to play it again. Claudia also played a key role in Catan's success. Because it was only when Claudia found the game really good and round that Klaus Teuber was also satisfied with his work. 

CATAN GmbH - Claudia Teuber

Gavin Allister

Team Assistent / Translator

Rivals for CATAN Special Card Gavin