Star Trek Catan
Star Trek Catan
Stand-Alone Game

Star Trek Catan

Space... The final frontier... Star Trek CATAN combines the adventures of the legendary Starship Enterprise with those of CATAN. The challenge is to settle a world that has never been settled before.

Star Trek CATAN Box
45-90 min.

This is a stand-alone game and requires no base game to play!

About the Game

On behalf of the Federation, you explore space with your starships and build outposts and starbases near valuable planets. There you extract important resources such as the coveted dilithium. But the Federation has also sent out other expeditions.

Therefore, you have to be wary of competitors - and of the Klingons, who want to give the players a hard time. With the aid of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, however, keeping the adversaries in check and outperforming your competitors should be an easy task. With this in mind: Live long and prosper!

Game Components (Partial List)

  • 19 sector tiles, 60 starships, 28 outposts,
  • 1 Klingon battle cruiser, 95 resource cards, 25 development cards,
  • 10 support cards, 18 number tokens, 2 dice, 1 game rules booklet, and 1 almanac.
Star Trek Catan Ste up

Star Trek CATAN is basically a direct adaptation of the CATAN base game. But what would Star Trek be without its protagonists Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock? That's why Star Trek CATAN also contains the card set “Helpers of CATAN” – the set was adapted to the Star Trek universe, of course. The players thus receive direct support from Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and another 7 famous Star Trek characters.

Illustrator and Star Trek fan Franz Vohwinkel provided completely new illustrations of all printed game components, including the characters, based on motifs from the popular TV series and the movies with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Hence, Star Trek Catan is set in the second half of the 23rd century, the classic Star Trek era.

Star Trek Catan Game components
Star Trek Catan Card Kirk
Star Trek Catan Card Mccoy
Star Trek Catan Card Spock
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Similar to our CATAN Geographies maps, which take the CATAN experience towards real regions, the Federation Space map set expansion takes Star Trek CATAN into a “real” region of space: “The Explored Galaxy” map known from Captain James T. Kirk’s quarters.

In other words: “These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.”


Star Trek Catan Federation Space

About the Game

During the original mission, the Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and his intrepid crew visited many strange new worlds, and discovered many new life-forms and civilizations. Now you and your friends can Boldly Go and explore this galaxy too! Follow in Kirk’s “footsteps” with this 2 map expansion set.

Based entirely on the “Explored Galaxy” map seen in Kirk’s quarters itself, these maps allow you to settle the famous worlds of Federation Space using pieces from your Star Trek CATAN base game.


  • 2 full color maps depicting the “Explored Galaxy” known as Federation Space.
  • 4 individual scoring tracks - 1 for each player
  • 4 sets of scoring markers - 2 for each player
  • 18 Victory Point tokens - New ways to score
  • 1 Almanac with 1 page of rules and 20 pages of planet and episode descriptions.



Star Trek Catan Federation Space Galaxy
Star Trek Catan Federation Space Map
CATAN Star Trek Enterprise

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