Szenarien CATAN Legende der Eroberer
Szenarien CATAN Legende der Eroberer
Cities & Knights Scenario

CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors

Scenario collection for CATAN - Cities & Knights.
The legend continues ...

CATAN Legen of the Conquerors Box
90-120 min.

Requires CATAN base game and CATAN - Cities & Knights Expansion to play this scenario!

About the Game

After CATAN – Legend of the Sea Robbers, Klaus and Benjamin Teuber designed another legend for the popular CATAN- Cities & Knights Expansion. Three exciting chapters tell the story of an impending downfall of Catan caused by foreign conquerors and offer many new and challenging game elements that will delight even CATAN experts.

The additional game elements require deep strategic thinking and provide the most intense challenge designed to date. The CATAN base game and the CATAN - Cities & Knights Expansion are required for this expansion. A feast for all strategy fans!

Contents: 20 conquerors, 16 forts, 38 progress cards, 32 amber tokens, 32 wine tokens, 5 trade stations, 10 number tokens, 16 markers, 52 game pieces, 8 foundry pieces, 8 horse farm pieces, 24 personal overview cards, 9 frame pieces, 24 terrain hexes, 3 chapter boards, 56 stickers, 1 directional die, 8 [?] zip bags, 1 rules booklet

Please note that the English-language edition, published by CATAN Studio/Asmodee, is not fully compatible with editions in other languages​​​​​​​!

CATAN Legend of the Conquerers Game Board

More than 20 years ago – in autumn of 1998 – the CATAN – Cities & Knights expansion was released in Germany. Since then, Cities & Knights has become very popular among advanced CATAN players, and has been continuously available in retail stores and online. 

The story of Cities & Knights is followed by the story of CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors. A powerful Old World country threatens Catan’s freedom and independence. In three chapters (or scenarios) the players adopt the role of commanders of the Catanian troops who jointly try to stop the conquest of the entire island and drive the conquerors away from Catan. 

Learn more about CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors in our Blogposts which can be found in the below PDF: 

Downloads for the Game

CATAN Städte & Ritter Background
CATAN Cities & Knights Box

Cities & Knights Expansion

Flourishing trade brings prosperity to Catan. However, all this wealth also attracts barbarians. The knights of Catan are needed!

Szenarien CATAN Legende der Eroberer Box