Sternenfahrer - Das Duell
Sternenfahrer - Das Duell
For 2 players

Starfarers Duel

Embark on a new space adventure with this revised and improved reboot of the 2001 fan-favorite Starship CATAN!

CATAN – Starfarers Duel is a two-player strategy game based on the Starfarers universe. Players will explore new planets, gather resources, fight off pirate raids, and compete with each other to be the first to complete the council's missions.

This reboot is filled with new and improved components, art, dice, and five tutorial missions that make it easy to learn for new and experienced fans.

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75 Min.

**Please note the errata tab below for an important update**


A mysterious wormhole has drawn you and your fellow Starfarer into an unknown quadrant of space. You assess your starship to find that your drives are damaged and resources are critically low. Your situation appears hopeless until you encounter four alien races willing to help. 

The Scientists pay handsomely for access to tech from your home quadrant.

The Green Folk allow each of you to settle on a planet and begin rebuilding your resource pool.

The Merchants guide you through local trade negotiations.

The Diplomats will help you return to your home quadrant, but only if you prove your worthiness to the Galactic Council. 

Which of you will be the first to fulfill your missions and earn a seat on the Galactic Council?

In CATAN – Starfarers Duel you explore the vastness of space, fly to distant planets, buy and sell resources, found colonies, and establish trade relations — all while keeping an eye out for pirates who threaten your riches.


Starfarers Duel has been extensively revised Starship Catan (2001) AND includes five onboarding missions to help get you started.

CATAN – Starfarers Duel Board Overhead
CATAN – Starfarers Duel Cards
CATAN – Starfarers Duel Cannons
CATAN – Starfarers Duel Sector board
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Attention Starfarers

We have discovered an issue with the English edition of CATAN – Starfarers Duel.

The orange die should NOT have the numbers 1-6, but rather 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3.

We are deeply sorry for this mistake. CATAN games should be top-of-the-line in product quality, and this time we fell short.

We are working as fast as we can to source replacement dice and will communicate a timeline as soon as we can via our social media channels and

Please fill out the form at this link so we can ship them to you as soon as we have them. In the meantime, the game is still playable! Simply subtract 3 from a 4, 5, or 6 roll. (4=1, 5=2, 6=3)

We have made a printable player aid you can keep on the table as a reminder until we can get you a new die. 

Download the printable player aid here.

Starfarers Duel Errata explanation

Game Rules Download

CATAN - Sternenfahrer - Das Duell