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Expansion for Starfarers

Starfarers - New Encounters

Get ready Starfarers, the Galactic Council has three new urgent tasks for you to prove your skills and bravery in CATAN – Starfarers – New Encounters. 🚀

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120-150 min.

You need a copy of the new edition of CATAN Starfarers to play this scenario. Not compatible with the former edition The Starfarers of Catan from 1999.

About the Game

CATAN – Starfarers – New Encounters adds three exciting new scenarios with unique rules to CATAN - Starfarers for an even more epic race to explore the galaxy. Explore the amoebas, defeat the elusive pirate Hog Kahm, and find the long forgotten lost people for your chance to join the Council.👽

  • Discover a lost civilization
    • The council chose you to resume the search for the long forgotten "Lost People". You must prepare for the long search and be thorough if we hope to find them.
  • Defeat a galactic threat
    • The infamous pirate leader Hog Kahm has returned! Defeat and question his accomplices to uncover Hog's location and bring him to justice.
  • Encounter mysterious new lifeforms
    • A pair of giant space amoebas have been detected in our system. Find out more about these mysterious creatures and stop the chaos before it's too late.

In addition to new and exciting stories, this scenario adds new plastic pieces with space amoebas and pirate capsules, a new lost-people sector, game boards and tokens that bring the scenarios to life in epic sci-fi fashion.

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