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Released in 2008

“Catan - Cities & Knights”
for PC and Mac

“Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac

We are Marianne, Sean and William. Would you like to get to know us better? If so, you should play “Catan – Cities & Knights.” In this game, we are your opponents. And believe me: during the campaign with its 20 different scenarios we won't make things easy for you!

Please note: The game is not available anymore. It has been replaced with the “Catan – Creator's Edition.”

About the game

Catan – Cities & Knigts

Finally, the most popular Catan expansion is also available as a PC adaptation with strong computer opponents. It took a long time to fine-tune the artificial intelligence of the computer opponents so that the game would be challenging also for experienced Catan players. For this reason, Klaus Teuber as the designer of the original board game was closely involved in the development, and together with the Catan Online World team the new version was created.
“Catan – Cities & Knights” is a thrilling gaming experience for everyone – fans since day one and first-time players alike.

There are a total of eight different computer opponents to choose from. The extensive campaign includes many varied scenarios, from the simple Base Game to diverse Seafarers scenarios (Oceania and Heading for New Shores, among others) to Cities & Knights scenarios in combination with Seafarers (Greater Catan C&K, among others).

The individual scenarios of the campaign can be activated step by step; afterwards, you can also play the scenarios individually, using different options such as “Friendly Robber” or “Card Stack”. Spoken story sequences develop the thread of the campaign story. An interactive tutorial helps newcomers get started with the game, and for the skilled player extensive game statistics are available.

Pictures from the game

  • “Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac
  • “Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac
  • “Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac
  • “Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac
  • “Catan - Cities & Knights” for PC and Mac

Features & Information

  • Catan base game, Seafarers, and Cities & Knights in one game
  • Campaign with 20 varied scenarios
  • Story sequences between the scenarios, with voice output
  • Strong computer opponents
  • Game settings can be used in any combination
  • Comprehensive tutorial
  • Game statistics

Additional Information

Platform: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard,” 10.6 “Snow Leopard,”, 10.7 “Lion,” and 10.8 “Mountain Lion"
Supplier: Download-Only Version (Windows/ Mac)
Publisher: Catan GmbH
Developer: Brettspielwelt GmbH


Please note:

The game is not available anymore. This means that you can no longer purchase an unlock code for the free trial version.

If you already own an unlock code, you can still use it to unlock the downloadable free trial version for Windows or Mac OS X so that it becomes the full version.

When you start the program for the first time, please use the internal updater to check for updates!


System Requirements Windows

Pentium IV / Athlon mit 2 GHz or comparable
512 MB RAM minimum
Approx. 90 MB hard disc space
128 MB RAM graphics card
1024x640 display (minimum)
Java 1.6 (installed automatically if needed)

Mac OS X

System Requirements Mac OS X

  Recommended: In Compatibility Mode:
512 MB RAM minimum Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or better PowerPC or Intel Core Duo
Approx. 90 MB hard disc space Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or newer, with J2SE 6 Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or newer, with J2SE 5
1024x640 display (minimum)
Mouse with at least 2 buttons

Game Instructions

“Catan - Cities and Knights” is a PC / Mac version of the board game “Catan” Unlike in the Catan Online World - where your opponents are real people - in this version you play against smart computer opponents.

In addition to a tutorial and a quick guide in each scenario, the program also includes a comprehensive user's guide as a PDF file. You can also download the current version of the guide here: