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Digital CATAN Adaptation

CATAN - Console Edition

Acquire resources, master new strategies, and build your settlements across a board that comes to life.

Challenge friends both online and in the living room or play against smart & dynamic AI to become the winning Catanian!

CATAN - Console Edition

For Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One


A board that comes to life

See each tile comes to life as you grow your settlements and take over the board. Gather ore from towering mountains, collect wool from bustling pastures, or harvest lumber from thriving forests. No two games are the same, with variables boards each game will feel, look, and play different!

Play locally with friends

Play couch multiplayer with up to 4 friends together in your living room! Using your CATAN Card Companion on your smart phone (no app needed), connect to the game, track your cards without your friends seeing what's in your hand.

Cross-Play Multiplayer

Full Cross-Play capability for multiplayer means you can play with friends or matchmake against other Catanians from around the world, on PlayStation and on Xbox together.

Single Player

Perfect your strategies in single player where you'll play against Catanians from the CATAN lore. Each character comes to CATAN with their own traits for you to learn and play against. 

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