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CATAN Family Edition
Stand-Alone Game

CATAN - Family Edition

Get together with friends or family. Learn to play in about 15 minutes. Then enjoy countless hours of fast-paced fun!

CATAN Family Edition Box
60-90 min.

This is a stand-alone game and requires no base game to play! It is not compatible with the expansions and extensions of the regular CATAN game!

About the Game

Begin a quest to settle the island of Catan! Guide your brave settlers to victory by using clever trading and shrewd development. Use resources – grain, wool, ore, lumber, and brick – to build roads, settlements, cities and key cultural milestones. Get resources by rolling the dice or by trading with other players.

CATAN Family Edition Game Board

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More Questions?

We have collected important questions and answers about the CATAN base game. Just follow the link.


CATAN Hexatower - Premium Dice Tower

The Hexatower is a premium dice tower in the famous hexagonal shape of CATAN. It has an innovative Nexofyber surface and a soft, silver fabric inner lining. The premium materials ensure a comfortable touch-and-feel experience and dice-rolling is enhanced by a pleasant sound. The surrounding flap, held safely closed by strong magnets, can be removed and sticks to the side of the Hexatower to create a dice-stopper at the gaming table. Of course, this luxe accessory can also carry your CATAN dice.

  • 2-in-1: Premium dice tower and dice storage box
  • Unique: Compact dice tower in the classic CATAN hexagonal shape
  • Removable closing flap converts into a dice stopper
  • 2 inner ramps roll the dice steadily
  • Powerful magnets for a precise and secure self-closing seal
  • Premium materials (Nexofyber surface + silver fabric inner lining)
  • Available in CATAN Red or Yellow in the CATAN Shop
CATAN Hexatower Würfelturm
CATAN Hexatower Würfelturm red
CATAN Hexatower Würfelturm

                                                                                Dice are not included.

CATAN Trading Post - Convertible Card Tray

The Trading Post can be used for card storage and to hold the cards for easy access during gameplay.

  • All-in-one: Premium card tray, storage solution, and integrated dice tray.
  • Case with 6 card compartments, perfect for CATAN English Edition Resource and Development Cards also sleeved in Gamegenic CATAN English Sleeves. Made with premium outer- and inner materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)
  • Hot-stamped and gold color-foiled CATAN logos
  • A hidden mechanism allows seamless sliding of the top row, providing easy access to the cards.
  • REVOLUTIONARY: The cover is completely removable and converts easily into a dice tray.
  • Available in the CATAN Shop


CATAN Trading Post Würfelschale
CATAN Trading Post Kartenhalter
CATAN Trading Post Kartenhalter und Würfelschale

                                                                                 Cards and dice not included.

CATAN Hexadocks

  • Perfectly organizes and displays wooden player pieces
  • Clear protective cover keeps pieces stored securely
  • Docks match player colors
  • Base set includes red, orange, blue and white.
  • Extension set includes brown and green Hexadocks for the 5-6 player extension
  • Available in the CATAN Shop
CATAN Hexadocs Basisset
CATAN Hexadocs Ergänzungsset
CATAN Hexadocs

                                                                                 Game pieces not included.



CATAN - Board Game Sleeves (Matte or Prime)

Designed for the English language edition of CATAN.

  • Easy shuffling
  • Reinforced Thickness
  • Acid-free. No PVC
  • For card size up to 54x80mm
  • One pack contains 60 sleeves

Alvailable in the CATAN Shop as

  • Matte: Matte foil averting symptoms of eye fatigue during gameplay
  • Prime: Extra-high clarity, ensuring a genuine visual quality
CATAN Board Game Sleeves
CATAN Family Edition