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CATAN Themed Mural in Louisville

The next installation in a series of CATAN-themed murals will be unveiled in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, June 30. 

Louisville Visual Art will host an event from 4 - 7 p.m. at the Mellwood Art Center. The event will feature art, food, and of course, board games!

See the Facebook event listing here.

About Amie Villiger Harris

Amie Villiger Harris is a full-time professional artist and muralist based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Harris is a graduate of Indiana University Southeast’s Fine Arts Program, holding degrees in Painting and Graphic Design, and possessing many years of experience in scenic painting and technical theatre work. Each Fall, Harris works as a pumpkin artist in the annual Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. Harris's murals are characterized by colorful, graphic, flowing compositions that often feature mythical creatures and local flora and fauna.

About Louisville Visual Art:

Louisville Visual Art has been improving lives through visual art education, programming and events since 1909.

As a creative hub now established in the Portland neighborhood, LVA is dedicated to encouraging artists through programming such as Children’s Fine Art Classes, MAP, Artebella, Open Studio Louisville, outreach programs and weekly calls for artists.

More about the mural:

"Bounty of Catan-tucky” is a celebration of nature and the natural resources that drive the game of Catan with a Louisville / Kentucky theme. A personification of Mother Nature, covered in Lillies (representing Louisville, Kentucky Oaks),  Trillium wildflowers, and purple coneflowers (Echinacea). The Trillium and Coneflowers are native wildflowers to the region. 

The Mother Nature figure is blowing seeds and game pieces across the hex map of the landscape. She holds a bowl of water spilling across the map, representing the Ohio River and Falls of the Ohio next to Louisville.

The hex resource tiles represent different regions of Kentucky.

Pastures = horse farms
Forest = Daniel Boone National Forest / Red River Gorge
Mountain / Mining tiles = Southeastern Kentucky Appalachians
Wheat = fields in the Bluegrass with knobs / foothills in the distance
There is a small clay resource tile blowing across the top, as well as a sheep


People standing in front of a CATAN mural made of hexagons