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UK Games Expo 2024

Join us for another year at the epic UK Games Expo game convention! This year we'll showcase the new two-player game CATAN – Starfarers Duel, the upcoming standalone game CATAN – New Energies, the UK National Championship, and the return of the CATAN Experience!

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We are super excited to return to UK Games Expo and have a variety of activities for you to do, including:

The CATAN Experience 🎩

The CATAN Experience is a fun and interactive event where you will trade resource badges with other attendees until you have a complete set of CATAN resources. Then come by the CATAN booth to claim your final prize.

The UK National Championship and Qualifier 🇬🇧

Try your hand at competitive CATAN with an official qualifier and be invited into this weekend's CATAN UK National Championship. In the 2024 UK National Championship you will compete at the highest level in the country and vie for your ticket to the CATAN World Championship in 2025.

CATAN – Cities & Knights Tournament 🏰

Compete in a more casual experience and have fun with the fan-favorite CATAN – Cities & Knights.

CATAN – Starfarers Duel 👩‍🚀

Explore the galaxy and battle pirates with the remake of Starship CATAN the beloved 2-player game. This new version is filled with accessible introductory missions, new art and quality components.

CATAN – New Energies ⚡️

It's the 21st century and Catan is at a crossroads. Pollution is wreaking havoc on the island and new energy sources are needed to meet the increasing demand of towns and cities. Players must decide: Spend precious resources to invest in renewables or rely on the cheaper fossil fuels and risk catastrophe for the island? 🏭🌳

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