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CATAN Gen Con 2023

We are thrilled to return to the largest board gaming convention in the world! Come see our new games, the sheepmobile, the return of the CATAN Experience, and more. 🎲

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We are super excited to return to Gen Con and we have a variety of activities for you to do, including:

  • The CATAN Experience
  • The CATAN Sheepmobile
  • CATAN US National Qualifier Tournament
  • Casual tournaments: Cities & Knights + Rivals for CATAN
  • New games
    • CATAN – Soccer Fever
    • CATAN – Hawai'i
    • CATAN – Starfarers New Encounters
    • CATAN – Console Edition
  • Fan favorite games
    • CATAN
    • CATAN – Dawn of Humankind
    • CATAN – Starfarers
    • CATAN – 3D Edition

Find and sign-up to our upcoming events 👉 Gen Con Ticketed Events!🔥

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