CATAN - Energien
CATAN - Energien

CATAN - New Energies

It’s the 21st Century and Catan is at a crossroads. Long gone is the agrarian society of the island’s Viking ancestors. Today’s Catanians need energy to keep society moving and growing, but pollution is wreaking havoc on the island.

You must decide: Invest in clean energy resources or opt for cheaper fossil fuels, potentially causing disastrous effects for the island?

CATAN – New Energies is a brand new standalone game that is rooted in classic CATAN mechanics of harvesting, trading, and building. New gameplay elements including power plants, energy tokens, and environmental events add new strategies and stories to a familiar foundation. 

Beautiful art by Ian O'Toole brings players from the age of the Vikings into the present day with a striking new rendering of the island of Catan.

CATAN New Energies Box facing right
90 min.

CATAN – New Energies is a standalone game and requires NO other games.

About the Game

In this memorable and meaningful standalone CATAN experience, you and your fellow players manage energy needs for your societies. 

You’ll start with cheap fossil fuels that cause pollution events and interrupt resource production. But as you invest in renewable energy, pollution events are replaced with rewards for sustainable strategies. You’ll monitor and negotiate with fellow players to decrease pollution, which affects everyone.

As in real life, the most sustainable player does not always win, and as in any CATAN game, there are multiple paths to victory. But, if pollution levels remain too high for too long and the game ends in catastrophe, the player who has invested most in renewable energy wins. 

In its essence, this CATAN variant highlights the importance of investment in renewables.

We recognize that producing games creates environmental impact. We've worked hard with our editorial and manufacturing partners to reduce the footprint of CATAN – New Energies as much as possible while still providing a high-quality, durable product that you'll be proud to bring to the table.

CATAN – New Energies (English edition) is assembled in the USA of sustainably-sourced wood and paper, using no plastic pieces.


  • 19 land hexes
  • 18 number discs
  • 6 double sided sea frames
  • 95 resource cards
  • 20 science cards
  • 25 development cards
  • 4 player boards
  • 2 special victory point tiles
  • Player pieces: 16 cities, 20 towns, 48 roads
  • 4 VP markers
  • 1 environmental inspector
  • 20 energy
  • 1 global footprint marker
  • 79 event discs
  • 24 fossil fuel power plants
  • 36 renewable power plants
  • 4 warehouse tiles
  • 1 event disc bag
  • 10 hazard tokens
  • 3 player piece boxes
  • 2 dice
CATAN New Energies Game Layout
CATAN New Energies Board Closeup
CATAN New Energies Components
CATAN New Energies Cards
CATAN New Energies Back of Box
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Explore the different ways to learn the rules of CATAN - New Energies, including this tutorial video "Watch it played" by Rodney Smith. 

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