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CATAN Universe: 5-6 Player Extension with New Rule now available

March 9, 2021

We are happy to announce the release of the 5-6 player extension on CATAN UniverseCATAN Universe is the digital adaptation of CATAN for smartphones, tablets, Windows PC, and Mac, published and operated by USM and developed by Endava.

This gives you the opportunity to play the CATAN base game, the Cities & Knights expansion, and selected scenarios from the Seafarers expansion with up to 6 players. This is a free add-on if you purchase (or already have) the base game or the expansions. The 5-6 player extension is available for online multiplayer and for games against computer opponents.

The extension uses the new rule for 5-6 players, first introduced upon release of the CATAN - Starfarers 5-6 player extension last year.


New rule explained

A major change to the rules compared to the base game is that there are always two players (Settler 1 and Settler 2) involved in a turn. Settler 2 is the third player to the left of the player, whose current turn it is (Settler 1).

The turn now proceeds as follows:

1. Resource Production Phase

Settler 1 rolls the dice and determines which terrain hexes produce resources for all players (as usual).

2. Trade and Build Phase

Settler 1 performs all of their trading and building actions exactly as usual (no changes to the rules). Settler 1 then announces the end of their trade and build phase.

Settler 2 gets to take a special turn. Settler 2 also trades and builds as much as they wish, with the following exception: Settler 2 MAY NOT trade with other players (domestic trade). However, Settler 2 is allowed to trade with the supply (maritime trade). Settler 2 then announces the end of their trade and build phase.

Both Settler 1 and Settler 2 may play development cards on their phases (or progress cards when using the Cities & Knights expansion), but only Settler 1 may play a knight card before the Resource Production Phase.

This officially replaces the previous "Special Building Phase" of the expansions for 5-6 players in the CATAN series. If you own an analog extension for 5-6 players of CATAN you can also use this new rule with your existing game.

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