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CATAN is Now Live on Board Game Arena!

June 22, 2022

Players around the world can compete in CATAN’s latest officially licensed digital release on Board Game Arena (BGA). This digital experience includes all of the beloved elements of the original board game, featuring art and gameplay that makes players feel like they are sitting at the table.

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CATAN is now accessible to the more than 8 million Board Game Arena players around the world as a premium game.

With Board Game Arena, players around the world can enjoy CATAN with friends, and watch other games from the comfort of their home. Like all games on BGA, CATAN can be played in real time, or paused and picked up later.

You can play CATAN on Board Game Arena, right from your desktop or mobile browser here.

  • Board Game Arena Premium users have unlimited access to a list of Premium games including Splendor, Azul, Carcassonne, and over 400 more.
  • Premium accounts also feature additional perks including Hotseat game modes, integrated voice/video chat, game statistics, and access to tournaments.
  • For more information about Premium accounts, and their pricing, you can check out the Board Game Arena website here.

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CATAN is already available as a separate digital adaptation for mobile devices and desktop computers.