CATAN Basisspiel Header
CATAN Basisspiel Header
Base Game

CATAN - 3D Edition

The island of Catan rises up from the table for an immersive game experience like no other.

CATAN 3D Edition
45-90 min.

Not compatible with the regular CATAN expansions!

About the Game

Settlements grow up from fertile grain fields and cities nestle into the sides of majestic mountains. You can almost hear the sheep baa-ing in their pastures.

This long-awaited 3D Edition of the classic CATAN base game is based on terrain tiles that were hand-sculpted by the game designer Klaus Teuber himself. All of the terrain is hand painted for stunning color, and intricately designed player pieces are antiqued for a look that is full of history and character.

CATAN 3D Edition Hexes

"What about expansions?" you ask? We are now in the midst of developing additional content for the 3D Edition! While we're not "quite" ready to share all the deets just yet, know we're working hard so we can tell you soon.

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CATAN 3D Edition Board
CATAN 3D Pieces


Currently no downloads available

CATAN - 3D Seafarers + Cities & Knights Box

CATAN – 3D Expansion - Seafarers and Cities & Knights

Impress your friends and bring CATAN to life as you collect, trade, and build with an immersive and hand-painted experience.

Continue your adventures on the isle of Catan with the Seafarers and Cities & Knights in one box! 

CATAN 3D English Version Box