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International Licensing Partners is primarily about the English Catan version published by Catan Studio Inc., USA. However, Catan is a world-wide phenomenon and was translated into more than 35 languages and is available in 50 markets. On you will also find information about new products and interesting events that may also be available in your language and country. If you have any questions about spare parts or local events or want to ask questions about the rules in your native language, please contact our local partner for your country. To find out more about your local publisher of Catan, please follow one of these links to our local licensing partners.

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Board Games and Card Games

Name Function Countries
Kosmos Verlag License partner for all Klaus Teuber games since 1995 in all German speaking countries. GermanyAustriaSwitzerland
Asmodee/Catan Studio License partner for “Catan” in all English speaking countries. USACanadaGreat BritainIrelandAustraliaNew Zealand
999 Games Licensee for “Catan” in the Netherlands. Netherlands
Asmodee France Licensee for “Catan” in all French speaking countries. FranceCanadaBelgium
Albi Licensee for “Catan” in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Czech RepublicSlovakia
Piatnik Licensee for “Catan” in Hungary. Hungary
Giochi Uniti Licensee for “Catan” in Italy. Italy
Licensee for “Catan” in Spain (also in Basque and Catalan language), Portugal and Middle and South America. SpainPortugalBrazilArgentinienMexicoChile
Kaissa Licensee for “Catan” in Greece. Greece
Hobby Games Licensee for “Catan” and other games by Klaus Teuber in Russia. Russia
Galakta Licensee for “Catan” in Poland. Poland
Korea Board Games Licensee for “Catan” in Korea. South Korea
Lautapelit Licensee for “Catan” in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. NorwaySwedenDenmarkFinland
Ideal Board Games Licensee for “Catan” in Romania and United Arab Emirates. Romania
Igroljubka Licensee for “Catan” in Slovenia. Slovenia
Intelli Games Licensee for “Catan” in Bulgaria. Bulgaria
Nordic Games Licensee for “Catan” in Iceland. Iceland
Brain Games Licensee for “Catan” in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. EstoniaLatviaLithuania
Hakubia Licensee for “Catan” in Israel. Israel
Swan Panasia Licensee for “Catan” in Taiwan. Taiwan
Ninive Games Licensee for “Catan” in Thailand and Laos. ThailandLaos
GP Inc. Licensee for “Catan” in Japan. Japan Licensee for “Catan” in South Africa. Südafrika
Superheated Neurons Licensee for “Catan” in Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia LibanonJordanienSaudi-Arabien
Neo Troy Games Licensee for “Catan” in Turkey Türkei

Electronic Games

Name Function Countries
United Soft Media Publisher of “Catan - Universe,” “Catan - Creators Edition,” and Catan Classic for iOS/Android Worldwide - German and English speaking support
Asmodee Digital Publisher of “Catan Stories - Legend of the Sea Robbers and Catan VR Worldwide - English and French speaking support
Experiment7 Publisher and Developer of Catan VR Worldwide - English speaking support