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We are part of the entertainment and gaming industry. Today, our primary product is the successful board game CATAN™ (former "Settler of Catan" ™), which comes with an array of expansions, extensions, editions, and spin-offs. CATAN creator Klaus Teuber gained valuable experience as an independent game designer and founded the CATAN GmbH in 2002.

For over two decades, Klaus has built an impressive portfolio of board and electronic games. CATAN™ is available in over 39 languages and has sold over 27 million units worldwide since 1995. According to estimates by licensing partners, approximately 20 million people are spending time in the Catan gaming universe on a regular basis. Overall, ours is an ever-growing family of high quality entertainment products and programs, all keeping with a vision devoted to the cultivation of a vast and largely untapped community.

Klaus Teuber

Benjamin Teuber

Managing Director / Game Designer

Responsible for the development of new games as well as maintenance of already licensed and published CATAN GmbH games.

Managing Director / Game Designer

Responsible for international marketing and product development. Communications Coordinator for the CATAN GmbH.

Guido Teuber

Arnd Beenen

Managing Director

Responsible for international licensing and marketing. Communications Coordinator for the CATAN GmbH.

Head of Digital

Responsible for the supervision and coordination of internal and external projects with a focus on digital media.

Claudia Teuber

Gavin Allister

Assistant Manager

Responsible for accounting, correspondence and game testing.

Team Assistent / Translator

Responsible for the German/English translations and customer service.

Dr. Reiner Düren

Alexandra Tersluisen


Responsible for German rules questions and FAQ.

Team Assistant

Responsible for customer service.


Alvin Madden (Klaus Teuber, Guido Teuber, Benjamin Teuber, Arnd Beenen) /
Georg Zitzmann (all others)

Our Philosophy

Catan GmbH's Philosophy

Catan GmbH / Inc believes that great games are timeless creations. Klaus Teuber’s classic works offer lasting appeal and enduring commercial strength. Catan GmbH only sanctions licensees that are capable of carefully building solid, long-term publishing and marketing programs. It is also important that these firms function well within a creative, cooperative, and comprehensive strategic vision.

Since our game properties are adaptable to virtually every form and venue of popular entertainment – including literary, online, apps, console, wireless, film applications, etc. – we seek stable, visionary, and team-oriented licensees. They must be fully devoted to the highest standards of our product quality. Our licensees must work well with the other licensees and understand not only the property, but also the ongoing needs of trading partners as well as consumers. (Read more about this under “Partners”.)

Catan GmbH works with a host of active traditional game publishing partners. A core group including Kosmos, Kosmos sub-licensing partners. and Catan Studio (a subsidiary of Asmodee) publish Catan™ and its many expansions, extensions, editions, and spin-offs. As primary licensees, they also publish many other successful board game and card game designs by Klaus.

In the electronic space, Catan GmbH has licensed Catan related IP to strong firms to create exceptional electronic versions of Catan™ like Catan Universe by United Soft Media.

Our current and future ambition is to maintain, optimize, and meticulously expand our Catan brand. In that spirit, we welcome all potential and interested partners to our extended family.