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Questions about the Games

Before you ask us a question concerning game rules, we would like you to check the following steps first:

  1. Is your question answered in the game rules? You can download most of the game rules here.
  2. Please check if the particular game was actually created by Klaus Teuber. In this context, please check his Ludography.
  3. If it was, please consult our FAQ with the most frequently asked questions first.

If the FAQ section does not contain an area about the particular game or if your question has not been answered yet, please refer to one of the following e-mail addresses:

Questions about Electronic Games:

Questions about a game published by Catan Studio / Asmodee NA

Question about a non-english version of Catan published by one of our international partners

Please click here four our list of international partners.

Inquiry to Catan GmbH

If you want to send an inquiry directly to us, please click here.