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Combination of “Traders & Barbarians” with “Cities & Knights”

  • Playable.


  • Set up the game following the instructions for “Traders & Barbarians,“ with the following change: Before set-up, remove the desert hex, one pasture hex, and one forest hex from play. o The Development Card set for “Traders & Barbarians” is not required.
  • The Robber and the “Longest Road” are not included.
  • The other game components of “Traders & Barbarians” and “Cities & Knights” are set up / placed ready for play.

The basics regarding gameplay:

  • Except for the following changes to the rules, all rules from “Cities & Knights” and “Barbarian Attack” continue to apply. Therefore, the game has two types of barbarians: The barbarians that, according to the rules for “Cities & Knights,” raid Catan in regular intervals and are combated following the methods in “Cities & Knights,” and the 3 barbarians from “Traders & Barbarians” that obstruct the wagons’ advance on the island.
  • Set-up phase: Is identical for both games, hence no change required.
  • Trading / Gold: Gold can only buy you resources, not commodities.

Knight actions / Battle against the barbarians:

All Knight functions from “Cities & Knights” remain. In absence of a Robber that a Knight could drive away, Knights have the possibility of driving off barbarians on neighboring paths/roads. This is handled similar to driving away the Robber: A Knight performing this action is deactivated, the barbarian is moved to another road / another path (compliant to the rules for “Traders & Barbarians), and if the barbarian is moved to a road, the owner of that road may draw a card. Hence, you have two possibilities for driving barbarians away from roads/paths – you can use a strong wagon or a Knight.

Changes regarding cards:

  • Alchemist: You may only determine the result of your resource roll before your turn – not, however, the result of the dice roll required for driving off barbarians.

End of the game:

The game ends when a player has reached 15 Victory Points.