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Combination of “The Rivers of Catan” with “Traders & Barbarians”

  • Playable
  • Before set-up, remove the following hexes from play: 2 mountains, 2 hills, 3 pasture, 1 forest, 1 fields, and 1 desert. Place the castle, the marble quarry, and the glassworks following the normal set-up. Afterwards, place the two rivers in such a way that they do not border on each other. (You will find that there are only a few possibilities for this.) The rivers may flow into the ocean, but they don’t have to. Before placing the number tokens, set aside the “2;” then place the number tokens following the normal system. In this combination, the two swamp hexes do not receive number tokens, but the castle, the marble quarry, and the glassworks do. Afterwards, the “2” is placed next to the “12.” The respective hex produces if the result of the dice roll is “2” or “12.” (Of course, you don’t re-roll the dice!)
  • In this combination, the castle also counts as pasture, the marble quarry as hills, and the glassworks as forest. However, you still may not build settlements next to these 3 hexes if they are located adjacent to the center hex and/or the two hexes bordering on the sea.
  • Initially, each player only receives 3 gold, plus the gold received for building settlements/roads at the river.
  • If you build a city at the river during the set-up phase, you also receive 1 gold. But later in the game, and as is customary, no gold is obtained for upgrading a settlement at the river to a city.
  • Building a bridge yields 2 gold only.
  • Moving the baggage train across rivers:
    • Moving your baggage train across a river (without a built bridge) costs you 3 Movement Points.
    • Moving your baggage train across your own or another player’s bridge costs one Movement Point.
    • If your baggage train crosses another player’s bridge, instead of paying the road toll you must pay the owner 2 gold for bridge toll.
  • The rules for the “Poor Settler” do not apply because in this scenario, gold is also used to advance the baggage trains. Only the Victory Point for the “Wealthiest Settler” is awarded.
  • Note: It is possible that initially the baggage trains advance only very slowly, because it is expensive to make headway without bridges, especially if the barbarians occupy important river crossings, which of course are their preferred targets. Building bridges thus becomes a double-edged affair. On the one hand, bridges make it easier for players to advance; on the other hand, they are centers of attraction for barbarians. But a bridge at a strategically important location could have a favorable impact on your game result.