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Combination of “The Rivers of Catan” with “Cities & Knights”

  • Set-up phase: If you build your city at the river, you also receive 1 gold. (This only applies when you build the first city during the set-up phase!)
  • Gold can only buy you resources, not commodities. (But of course, you can trade commodities for gold.)
  • The following applies also for the combination with Cities & Knights: Gold is no resource – and no commodity. This implies that gold is never affected by Progress Cards, particularly not by the yellow Progress Cards, and that it can not be obtained via the “Aqueduct” card.
  • Knights: For Knights, bridges are like roads, i.e. they move across bridges as if they were moving along roads.
  • If you are about to lose a city to the barbarians, you may buy your way out of the barbarian destructiveness by paying 5 gold. This is a lot of gold and may permanently convert you into a poor settler, which is why you should be cautious about this option.
  • Diplomat: The “Diplomat” card can not be used to remove, relocate, or place bridges. If you use the “Diplomat” to remove either one of your own roads or a foreign road at the river, you must pay one gold in exchange. If you remove one of your own roads (not located at the river) and place it next to the river, it is counted as a newly built road, and you receive 1 gold. This implies that you can move a road at the river to another hex at the river without paying 1 gold, because you would get it back immediately.
  • Intrigue: You can also play this card if one of your bridges borders on the intersection where the Knight stands that you want to drive away.