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Combination of “The Rivers of Catan” with “The Caravans”

  • Playable
  • Before set-up, remove the following hexes from play: 2 mountains, 2 hills, 2 pasture, 1 fields, and the desert.
  • Place the rivers as in the set-up of “The Rivers of Catan.” Place the oasis at the center of the island. The remaining hexes are placed at random.
  • Before placing the number tokens, set aside the “2” and “12” tokens.
  • Now distribute the remaining number tokens at your discretion. (Because 2 tokens were removed, placing the tokens in alphabetical order won’t work!) Make sure that the red numbers are not placed next to each other. Once you have distributed the number tokens, place the “2” and “12” tokens next to the two “3” hexes. These hexes produce whenever one of the two numbers is rolled.
  • Camels can also be placed on building sites for bridges, no matter if the site already has a bridge or not. Camels have the same effect on bridges as on roads.