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Combination of “The Rivers of Catan” with “Barbarian Attack”

  • Playable. It is a little easier for the player s to withstand the barbarians because there is another impregnable coastal hex without number token, which implies that there are also more protected locations for settlements near the coast. No negative Victory Points are given for the “Poor Settler” tile; the reason is that the gold earnings when Knights are lost could cause unpredictable shifts in the amounts of gold owned by the players.
  • Before set-up, remove the following hexes from play: 2 mountains, 2 hills, 2 pasture, and 1 desert. The river consisting of 4 hexes begins at the castle and runs right across Catan, with its estuary on the opposite side of the castle. The 3-hex river runs parallel to the 4-hex river, along the east coast. The swampland with the estuary is located on the hex where the number token “2” is placed (see illustration in the rulebook). Place the number token “2” on the hex showing the number token “12”. This hex produces (or receives a Barbarian, respectively) whenever one of the two numbers is rolled.
  • All other rules remain unchanged.