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Combination of “The Caravans” with “Traders & Barbarians”

  • This combination is only partly recommended, because there is no “Longest Road” and, as a result, one effect of the camels is lost. In addition to this, the scenario can become a little confusing.
  • Before set-up, remove the following hexes from play: 1 hills, 1 pasture, 1 forest, and 1 desert. Replace them with the castle, the marble quarry, the glassworks, and the oasis. Place the castle, the marble quarry, and the glassworks as described for the set-up of the scenario. Place the oasis hex at the center of the island. The other hexes are distributed at random. Distribute the number tokens as in the regular Basic Game, meaning that in this combination the castle, the marble quarry, and the glassworks also receive a token. Only the oasis hex remains without a number token.
  • In this game, the castle also counts as pasture, the marble quarry as hills, and the glassworks as forest. However, you still may not build settlements next to these 3 hexes if they are located adjacent to the center hex and/or the two hexes bordering on the sea.
  • Camels have no effect on roads. They only increase the number of Victory Points of settlements and cities, according to the rules for “The Caravans.”
  • Barbarians do not prevent the use of camels.
  • There are no other rule changes.
  • The game ends when a player reaches 15 or more Victory Points during his turn.