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Combination of “Barbarian Attack” with “Traders & Barbarians”

  • Playable. The possibility to use the Wagon for driving off barbarians can make the combined scenario extremely nasty. It will be up to you to decide if you want to try ridding the island of barbarians by employing your own Knights (and get Victory Points by means of prisoners), if you want to accumulate Victory Points by using Wagons and thus drive the barbarians located on your own routes to the hexes of your game partners – or if it is possible for you to apply a mixed strategy. Rule changes to both scenarios are required to make them playable as a combination. Rules that are identical for both scenarios (e.g., in both scenarios there is no Robber) are not listed here.
  • Changes to the set-up: The hexes are always placed according to the set-up of “Barbarian Attack.” Remove 1 forest, 1 pasture, and the desert from the outer circle of hexes, and replace them with the three trade hexes from “Traders & Barbarians.” The marble quarry replaces the desert hex, the castle replaces the hex showing the number token “12,” and the glassworks replaces the hex with token “2.” The castle hex from “Barbarian Attack” goes to its usual place on the opposite side of the marble quarry. The other hexes of the outer circle are placed at random. The set-up of the inner area remains unchanged. Since the combined scenario includes the castle from “Traders & Barbarians” as well as the castle hex from “Barbarian Attack,” below we will distinguish between “castle” and “castle hex.”
  • The glassworks and the castle have number tokens and thus are resource producing hexes. The glassworks produces lumber, the castle produces wool. The marble quarry does not produce resources.

Special Preparation:

  • Place one barbarian on the castle and another one on the glassworks. Do not place any other barbarians (i.e., do not place barbarians according to the Special Preparation rule for “Traders & Barbarians”).
  • Use the Development Cards from “Barbarian Attack“ for play, with the corresponding rules for Development Cards. The Development Cards from “Traders & Barbarians” are not required.
  • The Special Victory Point Cards “Longest Road” and “Largest Army” are not included, and neither is the Robber.

Rule changes to “Barbarian Attack:”

  • If you place a barbarian on a coastal hex, the barbarian on this hex is assigned to a road or a path, respectively. The barbarian thus stands on the hex and also next to a road/path. The effects are explained in the rule changes to “Traders & Barbarians.” Other than that, the
    placement of the barbarians does not change the rules for “Barbarian Attack.” A normal terrain hex has 6 paths, a trade hex 7.
  • If you play a “Treason” card, the same procedure applies – you move the barbarians to a hex and assign them to a road/path.
  • Each road/path can be assigned to 1 barbarian only. (In the unlikely case that a barbarian is placed on a hex where all paths – e.g. those coming from the adjacent hexes – are already occupied by barbarians, place the barbarian at the center of the hex.) The two barbarians initially placed on the “2” and “12” hexes are not assigned to a road/path but placed at the center of the respective hexes. (This has no effect on the Commodity Cards stored there.) If more barbarians are placed on these hexes later, they are assigned to a road/path according to the above rules.
  • If the castle or the glassworks is conquered by the barbarians, it only affects the production and the Victory Points next to these hexes, not the acceptance or fulfillment of commodity deliveries.
  • If you use “Treason” or the Wagons, you may place barbarians also on hexes at the center of the island.
  • You may use “Treason“ or the Wagons to place a barbarian on any hex of your choice (also at the center of the island). If possible, the barbarian must be assigned to a path or road in these cases as well.
  • Barbarians that were placed on center hexes by using “Treason” or a Wagon can be defeated by Knights, just like barbarians on coastal hexes.

Rule changes to “Traders & Barbarians:”

  • A “7” is rolled: Do not move a barbarian if a “7” is rolled. After checking the hand limit, the active player may steal a card from the hand of a freely chosen game partner.
  • Do not re-roll the dice if a “2” or “12” was rolled.

End of the game:

  • The game ends when a player reaches a total of 14 or more Victory Points during his turn.