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Catan Game Assistent

Please note that the CATAN Game Assistent will not be further developed. Please use the CATAN Assistent instead.

Catan Game Assistant - Startup

You want to learn the CATAN base game effortlessly, without having to read the game rules?

Then the free “CATAN Game Assistant” is just the right thing for you! From game set-up to independent play, our innovative tutorial introduces you step by step to the game in an entertaining manner. All you need is the CATAN base game, 2 or 3 opponents, and this app, which one of the participating players runs on his/her tablet or smartphone.

Catan Brettspiel Assistent - QR-Code

Download this app for iOS or Android. Simply click on the respective button – or just scan the QR code on the right!

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Catan Game Assistent - game setup

In the tutorial (for 3 or 4 players), you can move at your own pace through a sequential slide show featuring game related graphics, presented by our "Professor Easy." For each graphic, our friendly professor explains which actions should be performed by the player whose turn it is. Of course, you can also read the texts to your opponents.

After the game set-up and a couple of turns, the tutorial ends and you have learned all game rules. And here's the best part: at this point, you and your opponents simply continue playing!

The entire game should take about 90 minutes - 45 minutes for the tutorial and another 45 minutes to finish the game. This app offers you a convenient and time-saving alternative to studying the game rules as usual!

Other Content Included in This App

Fleur - Prof.Easy's new assistant

Besides the introduction for 3 and 4 players, this app also includes:

  • A tutorial in which Fleur, Prof.Easy's charming assistant, explains the variable game board set-up to you, one step at a time. You probably don't want to settle the exact same island all the time.
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the game rules (FAQ).
  • An overview of other games from the world of CATAN.
  • A small bonus: Dice roll generator with statistics function - shake your device (or tap the screen) to replace the dice.

Catan Game Assistent - Street BuildingCatan Game Assistent - DiceCatan Game Assistent - FAQ

Catan Game Assistent


Using the tutorial instead of reading through the directions cold is a bit like having that friend—you know you all have at least one—who is excellent at teaching groups to play new games.

GeekMom on

So if you need some help or want to help introduce the game to a friend, CATAN Game Assistant might just do the trick.

This would be great to anyone new to Euro Games needing help to get their CATAN going.

5 star rating on the iPad version