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  • In 2001, the “Catan Onlinewelt.” (Catan Online World) was launched as a co-production between Catan GmbH and T-Online, a German Internet provider.
  • In 2003, Catan GmbH also started a separate portal for Flash web games, titled “Klaus Teubers Spielwiese” (Klaus Teuber’s Playground).
  • Since 2007, Catan GmbH operated the platform independently from T-Online. Both websites (Catan Online World and Klaus Teuber's Playground) now operated under the umbrella of PlayCatan).
    Initially only available in Germany and on Windows PCs, PlayCatan was now also available internationally. In addition, access software for Mac OS X and Linux was published.
  • In 2014, besides the Java access software a browser version in HTML5 was provided. In addition, the old web games from “Klaus Teuber's Spielwiese” became “Klaus Teuber's Web Games” on an independent website.
  • In January 2016, PlayCatan was discontinued. A new online platform named “Catan Universe” was developed by United Soft Media.
    As the years passed, the game portfolio on PlayCatan continued to grow, and the graphic design was constantly improved. The screenshots show how the platform changed over time. Brettspiel GmbH developed the platform and also provided technical support during the entire period of the platform’s existence.

Over the years, the following games were offered on PlayCatan:

  • Catan base game
  • Catan Seafarers (including various scenarios)
  • Catan Cities & Knights (including various scenarios)
  • MultiCatan
  • Troy
  • Elasund
  • Domaine
  • Hoity Toity
  • Realm of the Desert Sons
  • Catan – Card Game (as an add-on)
  • The Rivals for Catan, including “Age of Darkness” and “Age of Enlightenment”

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