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  • April 4, 2011

    Board games through the ages - CBS News Video

    CBS News video: Board games through the ages - Mo Rocca visits Gen-Con, the Mecca of board games, to play contemporary board games that are anything but boring. [Click here to watch the video](might not be possible outside the USA)> …

  • April 4, 2011

    150,000 Likes for Catan on Facebook!

    150,000 Likes for Catan on Facebook!

    Seven weeks later - 150k! Woot woot! Guys, we're quickly running out of “glorious colors” for the ever growing number of Likes. :) All we can do is to repeat: You're the greatest! …

  • March 7, 2011

    February Newsletter Online

    Catan News Wire

    The new issue of the Catan Newswire is online! You can read about the most up-to-date and exciting Catan news by following the link in this story.   Read February's Catan Newswire at the link above to find out more about: The Rivals for Catan Dice Game is Back! Struggle for Catan this May! PlayCatan Updates Facebook is Growing Spanish Catan Facebook Page Settlers of Catan Masters Tournament NACC Event Updates > …

  • March 3, 2011

    German Catan Facebook Fansite now Online!

    Die Siedler von Catan - German Facebook Group

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the official German language Catan Facebook fanpage. Become a fan now and win cool prizes! Simply follow the link and click on "Like" to participate in the prize drawings - from that moment on you will receive all lates updates for our German language Catan community.> …

  • February 14, 2011

    125,000 Likes for Catan on Facebook!

    125,000 Likes for Catan on Facebook! Just one month later – 25% more people – 125 thousand “Likes” for Catan on Facebook! This is beyond awesome! ... And as I am typing this, this is already old news, as the most recent number is just a hair's breadth below 128k. …

  • February 14, 2011

    Spanish Catan Facebook Fansite just Launched

    Spanish Catan Facebook Fansite

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the Spanish language Catan Facebook fanpage! Become a fan now, check out the latest Catan news in Spain — and win a whole set of 5 Catanimals by the end of the month! …

  • January 18, 2011

    Catan’s Seafarers for iPhone

    Catan - The Seafarers Expansion for iPhone

    A fresh gust of sea air for all Catan landlubbers: "The Seafarers lite" including the new scenario "The 4 Islands" and two additional game variants, is now on board for iPhone® and iPod touch®. The complete Seafarers expansion includes more than 10 additional scenarios with an extensive campaign, and is available for purchase from the Catan In-App Store®. > …

  • January 14, 2011

    Catan on Facebook Breaks Through 100,000 Likes!

    Catan on Facebook Breaks Through 100,000 Likes!

    We hardly keep pace with publishing news items about the growth of our Facebook fan group, as it simply beats one record after another. Remember? In November, we had 70,000 "likes." Around midnight on New Year's Eve, we hit 90,000. And on Wednesday, not even two weeks later, we broke the sonic barrier:   Guys, you are awesome! …

  • January 4, 2011

    White Glove Demo for “Domaine”


    Learn how to play “Domaine” with the glover - in Mayfair Games' latest “White Glove” game demo.   [Follow this link to see the video demonstration]> …

  • December 30, 2010

    Board Game Classic “Catan” for Android

    Android Catan - Preview

    After the big success in Apple's App Store, Catan will also become available for Android this spring. Android players will be able to build and trade on the go, to compete for the most settlements, the Longest Road and the Largest Army - to become the Lord of Catan! In addition to the basic scenario “The First Island”, the game will also feature the soon available “Seafarers” Expansion with various scenarios and an extensive campaign. …


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