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Catan Mobile Multiplayer – Status and Server Testing

November 22, 2013

As we know you’re all eager to play Catan multiplayer games, here’s an update on the current status and schedule. We’re almost ready for the first release and we will start running public tests on our live servers shortly. As we can’t distribute iOS apps for testing to a large number of people, this public server test will be on Android only and requires a Google+ account due to the fact that only Google provides such a beta distribution service via Google+ Communities and Google Play. This is how it works:

The testing app will include multiplayer functionality only (campaign and single-player functions disabled) and can be installed alongside your existing Catan installation.

If you’d like to play the multiplayer update before the official release by participating in the server test, please request to join the community, and as soon as the test starts we’ll add you to the group.

The more people join, the better we will be able to evaluate the performance of our live servers and to make adjustments where necessary. Feel free to let your friends know!

When we’re happy with the results, the release of the multiplayer update will be distributed step by step to the various platforms (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) to ensure that we can gradually increase the load of our servers.

To compensate our Android users for getting the previous updates after iOS, this time Android will go first, the iPad version second, and the iPhone version third. The first multiplayer update will provide both quick match and custom online game functionality for both the basic Catan game and the Seafarers expansion, and it will allow for cross-platform play between Android, iPhone, and iPad copies of the app! Cities and Knights will be added to the service in the second MP update as soon as possible.