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Catan Board on Mashable, More than 1000% Funded, and Approaching $300k

November 13, 2012

Read this great story about "Catan Board on Mashable!

billandnateLast week there was a story published by Fran Berkman, Mashable writer and Catan fan, about the Catan Board Kickstarter project. It's a great read and the story even held the coveted "Trending Story" top position, making it the most popular story for a while. This was exciting to see as the top articles on mashable are usually about web or tech stories. Give it a read if you have some time: "Settlers of Catan Gets a New Game Board Thanks to Kickstarter."


It has been exciting to watch the Catan Board project grow. The funding is now at 1,156% and quickly approaching the $300K mark. If you are interested in learning more and wish to pledge for a board, visit the Kickstarter page here.


There are board for basic 3-4 player, 5&6 player, boards to accomodate Seafarers, and premium boards mnade from wood as well as aluminum.