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Catan Board Project Reaches $100K - New Boards Announced

October 12, 2012

Thank you fans! We are absolutely ecstatic to see the "Catan Board" project, launched 6 days ago, pass the $100K stretch goal!

catan100kThe support for the project in such a short time has been overwhelming. First, the $25K goal was achieved in under 6 hours. Then, the $50K goal reached in two days and the $75K goal in under four days. Now, in less than 6 days, the $100K goal has been reached! We are truly amazed and touched by the amount of fans who have shown their support for this project. The response has far exceeded our wildest expectations.

With each goal met, there have been a number of exciting announcements.


A Seafarers Board has just been announced and unlocked as a stretch goal today, pledges will begin soon for this board. A 5&6 player Wood Board has been added to the pledge options and is open now for backing. This board will have a similar removable center piece to the plastic 5&6 player Catan Board, watch the board being designed by the creators here. A premium Aluminum Catan Board was also added to the pledge options, unlocked at the $75K goal mark. There are more exciting items to come, such as a resource card holder and more!


Please visit the Kickstarter page to make a pledge and read the full updates: