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False AVG Virus Warning for Catan C&K

April 5, 2012

It has come to our attention that the latest AVG virus scanner reports the main CatanSuR.exe program from our game “Catan - Cities & Knights” to be virus infected. However, this is not the case: This is a so-called “false positive”.

Rest assured: There is no virus in our product. We have double-checked this with several different scanners (including Norton and Avira). The AVG scanner uses its heuristic algorithms to guess if there is a virus or not. In our case, this is a false alarm and we have already informed AVG about that. We hope that there will be a definition update soon that will rectify this.

Until then you have to include the file CatanSuR.exe in the “Catan - Cities & Knights” installation folder to the exception list of the AVG resident protection scanner. You find this in the “Advanced Settings” of the AVG program under “Anti-Virus / Resident Protection / Exceptions”.

Sorry for the inconvenience.