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“The Settlers of Catan” on “The Big Bang Theory” - again!

January 24, 2012

We are very delighted that for the second time, “The Settlers of Catan” was featured in the world-famous TV show “The Big Bang Theory” - namely in the 100th jubilee episode 5x13 “The Recombination Hypothesis”.

The first time, the guys just played Catan without even mentioning the name of the game, but now Sheldon “unintentionally” delivered the famous, yet naughty “Who has wood for my sheep?" joke - which was, no doubt, absolutely hilarious.

If you live in the USA, you can watch the episode in full length for a limited time on the official CBS website. For all others out there, we can provide a YouTube link containing the two particular scenes - without guarantee how long this snippet will be online before it gets deleted due to copyright issues.



We would like to thank the show's creator and this episode's story editor Chuck Lorre for featuring us the way they did. We couldn't be more proud that “The Settlers of Catan” has made it into such a famous TV show - which, according to the ratings, has been watched by 15.83 million people, thus beating American Idol, which was on at the same time. Way to go!