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"The Rivals for Catan™" in the Catan Online World!

October 19, 2010

The Rivals for Catan in the Catan Online WorldThe brand new Catan game "The Rivals for Catan™" is available in the Catan Online World before it hits shelves later this year! "The Rivals for Catan™" is the comprehensive reworked re-release of the popular Catan Card Game.

The updated game offers a big variety of game play, including: an Introductory Game, three Theme Sets and the exciting Duel Mode! The game can be found in the board game tavern. (The old card game will be available until further notice.)

The Introductory Game will be available for all users. However, the Theme Sets and the Duel Mode will be only available for users with Premium account.

To play Catan online for free and learn more about the new "The Rivals for Catan™" online game, visit: