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Released in 2003

“Sternenschiff Catan”
(“Starship Catan”) for Windows PC

“Sternenschiff Catan” (“Starship Catan”) for Windows PC

This game is not available in English language.

About the game

“Sternenschiff Catan” is a strategy game involving trade and adventure. As astronauts of the Catanian space fleet, the players get caught in a space-time warp that sends them to an unknown galaxy. You only get home safely if you are clever at fitting out your starship, manage the scarce resources responsibly, trade with alien races, and perform other actions in order to collect sufficient victory points. Developed by dreipartner and distributed by Take2.

  • PC adaptation true to the original board game
  • Comprehensive single player mode with campaign
  • Varied 3D event animations
  • Can be played on the Internet and on LAN