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Released in 2002

The Settlers of Zarahemla

The Settlers of Zarahemla

Enter the Promised Land!

This is the home of ancient American prophets such as Alma, Mosiah, and Samuel the Lamanite.

About the game

Zarahemla, the Nephite capital, thrived as its people were righteous, and suffered setbacks to its enemies during times of corruption and moral decay.
It is your job to settle, unite, and reinforce the freedoms of the land of Zarahemla.

Do this through savvy trading, establishing a righteous military of Stripling Warriors or by building a Temple for holy worship. But whatever strategy you choose, choose correctly, as your ultimate prosperity depends on your ability to grow this fledgling society more quickly than your opponents.

“The Settlers of Zarahemla”, based upon The Book of Mormon and created for the Latter-day Saint community, will be an instant hit with your family. Based on “Catan,” which has sold 3 million copies worldwide, this game features social interaction, a bit of strategy and just enough luck to cater to everyone's personality!

Please note: This game is out of print.