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Released in 2014

Klaus Teuber's Web Games

Klaus Teuber's Web Games

A new home for the former „Klaus Teubers Spielwiese“ games

About the game

At the same time with the HTML relaunch of PlayCatan at the end of April 2014, the browser games to win prizes Oceania, Starship Catan Light, Multicatan, Catan Dice Game, and Catan Puzzle were discontinued on this platform. These constitute the game offers of the former „Klaus Teubers Spielwiese“ (at that time not available in English language), which had been merged with the former Catan Online World, thus becoming PlayCatan.

For the first time the popular game “Multicatan“ is available as a revised HTML5 version instead of the original Flash game, titled “Multicatan 5” which is playable with tablet computers as well.

This service is no longer available.