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Released in 2003

The Kids of Catan

The Kids of Catan

Even the little ones can settle here!

About the game

Each player has a set of buildings to place. Placing a building uses a whole wagon load of resources: 1 each of wood, brick, and grain.
The roll of the die determines how far the wagons will move. When any child stops beside a resource that they need, they can load the resource into their wagon.

When your wagon is full, you get to build a new house! The house must be placed in the right spot in the village. Then the resources are returned to the board so they can be collected again!

After you build all your houses, you begin collecting resources again to build the Town Hall. The player who builds the Town Hall wins the game!

Of course, children are also encouraged to play with the wonderful wooden buildings, and to create their own games and adventures on Catan!

Prof Easy’s Game Introduction


The Kids of Catan – Game Rules (639.33 KB)