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Released in 2008

Catan Geographies –

Catan Geographies: Germany

Settle Germany! Build town halls, erect the Brandenburg Gate, adorn Dresden with the Frauenkirche, let the Wartburg Castle tower over Eisenach, and build the Longest Road between Hamburg and Nuremberg.

About the game

Deutschland-Edition - Kölner Dom

The map of Germany is composed of terrain hexes and fields with important German cities and landmarks. The terrains produce the resources lumber, wool, brick, ore, and grain. You need these resources to build roads and place town halls on city intersections and landmarks on landmark intersections. On each turn, it is determined which of the terrains produce resources. This is done by rolling 2 dice - which is why each terrain has a production number. If a "3" is rolled, for example, all terrains marked with a "3" produce their respective resource type.

Deutschland-Edition - Brandenburger Tor

To receive production, you must have a town hall adjacent to a terrain whose number was rolled. At the beginning of the game, each player already owns 3 town halls, which is why there should be plenty of resource income. And even if sometimes you lack certain resources, don't worry about it. You may trade resources to your heart's content.

Deutschland-Edition - Holstentor

Building a road costs you 1 lumber and 1 brick. Roads are used to reach the intersections where you can build town halls or landmarks.

Each town hall costs 1 lumber, 1 wool, 1 brick, and 1 grain and is worth 1 victory point. Therefore, each player has 3 victory points at the beginning of the game. You win the game if you are the first to reach 12 victory points in a 3-player game and 10 victory points in a 4-player game.

Deutschland-Edition - Frauenkirche

The landmarks have a special status. If you pay 2 ore and 1 grain to place a landmark on its associated intersection, you will not receive any resource production from the surrounding terrains, because landmarks are neutral. Instead, you receive the reward depicted next to the illustration of the respective landmark in the outer area of the game board, and you may place a town hall on this illustration - another victory point for you.

Deutschland-Edition - Porta Nigra

The game includes 12 detailed landmark pieces, which you can build on the corresponding landmark intersections: Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, the Cologne Cathedral, Lübeck's Holsten Gate, the Dresden Frauenkirche, Trier's Porta Nigra, and so forth. But not only the monuments are eye candies ... Michael Menzel illustrated the huge Germany game map with loving attention to detail - no two terrain hexes look the same, each of them was painted individually.


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  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan Geographies: Germany