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Released in 1999

“Catan – Die erste Insel”
(“The First Island”) for Windows PC

“Catan – Die erste Insel” (“The First Island”) for Windows PC

The first digital conversion of the Catan boardgame.

The game is not available in English language.

About the game

Vicky On occasions where you don't have real players to settle Catan with, this CD-ROM allows you to compete against 8 different computer opponents of 3 varying strengths. First, play the Catan base game against Vicky, Siegfried or Marlene - then take on additional challenges in a campaign consisting of 12 missions.
Discover new island worlds, witness the demise of the island Catlantis, settle dangerous volcanic and glacial areas, and build the Wonders of Catan.

  • Developed by Funatics
  • Published by Ravensburger Interactive