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Released in 2009

Catan Dice Game – Deluxe Edition

Catan Dice Game – Deluxe Edition

Thanks to the dice cup included in the game, rolling the dice on Catan has become even more fun! The Deluxe version of the Dice Game contains a pad of full color double-sided score sheets featuring two maps for alternate play.

About the game

Catan Dice

The fronts of the score sheets depict the original Dice Game, where each player tries to obtain as many points as possible by building roads, settlements, and cities.

The backs of the sheets depict a variant of the game that is much more interactive: each player builds as many settlements and cities as possible, each worth 1 and 2 victory points, respectively. As in the Catan board game, each player also receives 2 special victory points for the Longest Road or the Largest Army. The first player to reach 10 victory points wins.

Thanks to the high-quality leatherette dice cup, the Dice Game can also be played on-the-go. Place the dice into the cup, put the lid on, shake, and turn the cup so that the lid faces down; when you lift the cup, you will see that all 6 dice fit neatly inside the lid.