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Released in 2001

“Catan – Das Kartenspiel”
(Catan Card Game) for Windows PC

“Catan – Das Kartenspiel” (Catan Card Game) for Windows PC

Who will be the ruler of Catan?

This game is not available in English language.

About the game

To win the game, you need to have a superior strategy - and a little bit of luck. Obtain resources and build roads, settlements, and cities. Play in multiplayer mode using the 5 Theme Sets "Trade & Change," "Knights & Merchants," "Science & Progress," "Politics & Intrigue," and "Wizards & Dragons," or the basic cards.
Game modes: Basic, Expanded, Tournament, Base Game against computer opponents.

Developed by TriNodE Entertainment.

Published in 2001 by United Soft Media Verlag on CD-ROM for Windows PC (German-language only).