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Released in 2016

Catan - Chocolate Edition

Catan - Chocolate Edition

Chocolate isn’t just something you can eat. With 32 bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate, you can also play Catan.

About the game

“CATAN - Chocolate Edition” is an abridged version of the classic board game “CATAN.” You harvest the resources wool, brick, lumber, grain, and ore, all of which you can trade with your opponents. You use these resources to build roads, settlements, and knights. Nothing new so far.

But here comes the special feature! The game pieces are 32 chocolate bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate. The game rules are also simplified. To determine the resources for all players, a spinner is used instead of the dice. To build something, you pay the familiar resource combinations; however, you place the chocolate bars in front of yourself. The larger your empire, the more victory points you have. The first player to reach 5 victory points wins. It pays to settle skillfully because at the end of the game each player may eat their display.

English version available soon