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Released in 2001

Catan Card Game – Expansion Set

Catan Card Game – Expansion Set

Six complete expansions for the award-winning 2-player card game of discovery, settlement, conflict, and trade!

Share a theme with your clever opponent or design your own expansion deck!

About the game

Now you can expand your principality in new directions! Each of the 6 expansion sets feature a different theme to enhance the flavor of your Catan Card Game™ experience.

The Card Game Expansion Set includes:

  • Trade & Change
    This Theme features new avenues for trade and commerce, new uses for trade fleets, and new opportunities that can change fundamental strategies.

  • Politics & Intrigue
    This Theme features the shady side of running a principality: Secret Societies, bribed Knights, and clever diplomats. Or you can align yourself with the Church in this Theme.

  • Knights & Merchants
    This Theme features clever merchants and valiant Knights. You can take your struggle for dominance to the battlefield or outwit your opponent at the negotiating table.

  • Science & Progress
    This Theme features scientific progress and learned invention. The University serves as a center of learning for your people, and that knowledge can propel you to greatness.

  • Wizards & Dragons
    This Theme features powerful Wizards and mighty Dragons, magic spells to bedevil your foes, and mystical advantages to enhance your principality.

  • Barbarians & Traders (beginning with the 2003 edition)
    This theme features dangerous barbarians and brilliant traders and explorers to help expand and defend your principality’s resouces and holdings.

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