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Released in 2014

Catan Anytime

Catan Anytime

Your friends are not available when you want to play Catan? Take your turns on your own time - anytime and anywhere (asynchronous gameplay) - in this online adaptation based on a modified set of game rules of the Catan board game.

About the game

Another Catan adaptation? What's the story behind?
To play the original Catan tabletop game and all its digital versions, so far you needed to get together with your friends (although in the digital versions you didn't have to meet them in person) at a specified time. But often you don't find a time that fits everybody's schedule, or you want to start a new game immediately and nobody is around. Catan Anytime allows you to play a modified version of The Settlers of Catan base game asynchronously, meaning that you can take your turn whenever you like and do not have to arrange meetings with your friends and other players to complete a game at a stretch. Just invite them via Facebook or e-mail and get started. The game is distributed as a browser-based app you can access from almost any mobile or desktop device.

In Catan Anytime the focus is on easy access and fast gameplay. Therefore, the base game rules were carefully modified to allow uncomplicated gameplay for newbies and Catan fans alike.

Catan Anytime Screens

Developer / Publisher: bontom / Microsoft
Requirements: Runs on most modern web browsers - requires Internet connection

This game is no longer available. If you want to play CATAN online, please try out CATAN Universe.

Catan Anytime vs. "Classic" Catan Base Game

Catan Anytime is based on the original rules of the board game "The Settlers of Catan" but was modified to further enhance the strong points of this version. The type of modifications made is explained in detail below.

If you want to play Catan exactly as in the board game, we recommend either the adaptation for iOS, Android or PC/Mac by our partner USM or our own PlayCatan online portal on In both cases you will find a direct adaptation of the board game classic. You and your opponents are present for the entire duration of the game and play at a pace that is similar to the pace of the original board game.

Catan Anytime, on the other hand, is played asynchronously. This means that after finishing a turn you can log out; as soon as your opponents have finished their turns and it is your turn again, you will automatically be notified. That way, you don't have to be online the whole time. However, a game takes markedly longer than in USM's direct adaptation of the board game.
Asynchronous play entails a couple of changes that distinguish Catan Anytime from the classic Catan game. Also, Catan Anytime aims more at an audience that doesn't know Catan yet but wants to get to know it, which is why we have introduced a few changes that make the game even more accessible. Below you'll find a list containing all modifications included in Catan Anytime:

  • Trading was simplified - only 1:1 trades are executed. At the end of your turn, you can make a trade offer, asking for a certain resource and offering a different one in exchange. At the beginning of your next turn, you can check whether one of your opponents has traded with you. On your turn you can also check which trade offers currently exist and change your own trade offers.
  • There are no harbors in Catan Anytime. The general exchange rate for trading with the bank was set to 3:1 (as opposed to 4:1 in the original game).
  • The number tokens from 2 through 12 were replaced with resource symbols. Many symbols on a hexagon indicate a high probability for that hex to produce resources, few symbols indicate a low probability. That way, the abundance or paucity of symbols immediately shows you whether a hex tends to be productive or unproductive. Due to the omission of number tokens, no dice are rolled at the beginning of the turn; instead, the players press a sun symbol to determine production. However, the probability of producing resources corresponds exactly to the statistical probabilities associated with rolling two dice.
  • As a result of asynchronous play, the time until a player can take his next turn increases. Therefore, it is more difficult for him to remember which resources are currently being owned by his opponents, especially if he is playing various games simultaneously. For this reason, we have omitted the "Monopoly" development card.
  • Catan Anytime focuses on games with friends, that is, with human opponents, which is emphasized by its many options to communicate via chat, Twitter, and Facebook. Consequently, we completely omitted computer opponents.