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Question about The “Age of Darkness” Expansion Wolfgang the Street Performer - In what order are the consequences of the event die result resolved if Wolfgang has been placed?


When the "Celebration" event is rolled, the exact order of actions is as follows:

  1. The player with the most skill points chooses any 1 resource and places it on the corresponding region. If both players have the same number of skill points, both players take 1 resource.
  2. If one of the players has determined the Celebration via Reiner the Herald, he receives another resource.
  3. Wolfgang's owner may take 1 resource on each region directly adjacent to Wolfgang.
  4. Wolfgang changes over to the other player if he can and the player wants him.
  5. If a player has a Builders' Hut and less than 3 stars on a Public Feeling (or less then 6 stars on two Public Feeling cards), he receives a star.

Note: Builders' Hut and Public Feeling cards belong to the Age of Enlightenment expansion.