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Question about Technical Questions The message “Schwerer Fehler” (“Fatal error”) appears upon starting a game.


Appearance: When you start the game, a German error message appears (“Schwerer Fehler”), and the program shuts down after confirming the message.
In this case, an installed firewall (e.g., ZoneAlarm) is blocking the program. Even though “Catan – Cities & Knights” does not establish an Internet connection, some firewall applications require that you enable the program for local use. When you first start the program, a firewall settings window usually asks you whether the program should be allowed access. Please confirm this so the program can run smoothly. Should this access query not appear, access may have been denied on a previous occasion. In this case, please check your firewall settings and look for the program javaw.exe.
Follow-up: With Version 1.228 this problem should not occur anymore.