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Question about Technical Questions When I start a game, the mouse pointer disappears.


This problem may occur in the Mac version when you use the “Full-Screen Mode” option, because of an incompatibility issue in the Apple's version of Java.

This problem will be resolved in a later Catan - Cities & Knights update. Until then, you can avoid this problem

  1. by switching off the “Full-Screen Mode” in the options menu (accessible from the main menu), or

  2. by exchanging a file in the “Catan - Cities & Knights” program. To do so, please download the file prof.png. Please go to the Applications folder or wherever you installed the program icon “Catan - Cities & Knights.” Right-click on “Catan - Cities & Knights” (or click on it while holding down the Ctrl key) and select “Show package content.” Go to /Contents/Resources/CSR/Client/ntoolPics/ and exchange the file prof.png with the downloaded one.